Phase Shift: Threats Beyond The Network (PSP, PS3, PS Vita)

Official Summary:
A 2D Arcade Shooter with a twist! Phase Shift follows the story of Xargis, a genius programmer fighting against cyber terrorism in the future. Visually represented as a "Ship Battle", Phase Shift presents a unique game with a warp mechanic, providing a vibrant and dynamic game-play. Defeat your enemies and protect The Network!


Phase Shift: NYP’s first student-initiated game makes PS debut


From Wednesday (Aug 7), Phase Shift will be made available on the Sony Playstation Store for S$4.49. Developed by then NYP student Hoong Boon Wai, who has since graduated and started his own game studio Dark Potato Studios, the game is a fixed shooter-style game similar to arcade shooters.

Phase Shift: from student project to PlayStation game


The first PlayStation game conceptualised and developed by a Singaporean student, it was launched on the Asia PlayStation®Store on 7 August 2013.

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